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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Candy Lipz Lip Plumper Review

Who wants a perfect pout? I know I do! I don’t spend a lot of time taking selfies of 'my duck lips' with a computer camera (as if!) or my cell phone, but it’s mainly because I don’t do duck lips very well.

What I would like is a pretty pout, lips that are plumper than what I’ve got but not sure collagen is my thing. So when I got sent the new Candy Lipz Lip Plumper, I was intrigued!

The plumper is a small ‘apple’ with a circle opening and a little jelly ring cushion. You bring your lips to it; push in the bottom of the apple whilst sucking in, and the suction pulls your lip into the lip shape, thus plumping it.
I did it wrong the first time, making an O with my lips and sucking that through the circle. Totally did plump my lips, but it left a mark- a hickey, really- above the top lip and below the bottom, so I had to cover up the mark with some foundation.
The Lip Plumper is working!

The trick with this is to draw your lip into the single or double-lobed area that is lip-shaped, not just into the circle or it will plump your pout in a circular way. 

It does pull on your lips, it is suction creating the pout, and be careful not to leave on too long or it will sting or bruise. I know, it looks funny, so don't go to the store with this on! Do it at home, at night. 
Read all the instructions before use.

This is def a trial and error product. It won’t work for everyone. The site shows full and sexy lips, after many uses, I keep trying mine.

I liked this- trying it was fun, and gave me a plump pout that stay for 48 hours or so (a week out, so that worked!) Use only when your lips are dry, and use some lip gloss on them after.

Also, these pictures are from just one use. The Candy Lipz site shows much plumper pouts with more use.
Plumper pout, try it out!

I have one CANDY LIPZ to give away!!!  Share this blog post on your page, and tell me what your NYE resolution is for 2016 in the comments below!

*Item supplied to review.

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